"Isn't it more about what we leave than what we took?"

Started in 2013 with little or no scope whatsoever, her only aim making the world we live in a better place. She started small, she innovated and here she is, not at the highest perch, but at such a short span of time, she's here. Being a nature enthusiast herself, she discovered few ways of introducing plants into our apartments. She didn't outlook the difference a small change would bring.

She introduced new ways of making our homes beautiful without compromising on the nature part. Her planters are suitable for balconies in any kind of a home, she took it a level higher by introducing balcony makeovers...

Her products are one of the best of its kind, it is powder coated, child and pet safe for handling and moreover can be customized.

Not only did her work inspire greenery around her, almost everyone found it to be the best solution for lighting up small spaces.

Her team is focused in bringing greenery in every home, some of their best selling innovations include Rail hung planters, wall mount planters, table top planters.

Instead of focusing on just bringing greens to our homes, she focused on providing employment for skilled artists, who are very much underrated in this new era, she now holds over 20 employees - All of them content with their job.


And she welcomes you, towards positivity and a greener, safer and a healthier earth at affordable costs.